Tuesday, February 3, 2009

horses I know - la maglia rosa

La Maglia Rosa a Thoroughbred Warmblood Here is a drawing of a friend's horse, Maggie AKA La Maglia Rosa. She is a Thoroughbred/Warmblood cross, which seems to mean she has the endless energy of a Thoroughbred and the size (and enormous movement) of a warmblood.

My husband and I have got so much joy watching her grow from a gangly, enormous-eared and rather silly adolescent to a magnificent (but still rather silly) adult.

Is there anything more moving than having a horse gallop up to you at the fence? Maggie comes to a sliding stop, enveloping us in dust, and expecting to be petted and entertained. She has to be involved in anything that's going on. She is also the most tactile horse I've ever met, loving to be scratched everywhere, and having a tendency to lick your face and hair for as long as you allow (or until her teeth make an appearance). Here's a drawing of her, with reference to some photos my husband took (she moves too fast to be sketched!).

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