Monday, November 5, 2012

it's Cup Day!

It's the Melbourne Cup, and the streets of Victoria are strangely quiet, save for those in silly hats or lugging large quantities of beer barbeque-wards. Here's a happy photo of a former Cup Day, the only one I've made it to, thanks to my lovely friend Giovanni.  
leaping in the air at the Melbourne Cup

And a portrait of the amazing Makybe Diva, who won the Cup three times - watching the third win I thought my heart was going to burst. So wherever you are in the world, pop a strawberry in your champagne (unless it's a really, really nice champagne in which case nooooooo) and switch the race on and enjoy. Will Americain do it again? Who knows, but that is one good looking horse. Let's say Americain, Red Cadeaux and Dunaden. Those pesky raiders. Don't forget race-day etiquette people. No spewing in hats (so sad that needs to be said) and ladies, keep your shoes on, I don't care how much they're hurting. Note my heels above. They did not leave my feet until I was home! Happy Cup Day!