Sunday, April 25, 2010

minding Charlie

Well, this long weekend has been a bit of a fail as far as drawing or writing. We're minding Charlie (my parents'/sister's very young dog). He is part poodle and much too smart to be left unattended for long periods in a non dog-proof house. He seems to think my habit of staring at nothing for long spells and twitching my fingers with little tappy noises is the boringest thing ever (I call it writing a novel). I'm pretty sure drawing will be viewed in much the same way. There's nothing like a dog to help you get your priorities straight (throwing spit-covered tennis ball, now number one). 

Charlie saw some horses close up on our walk yesterday. First time. He did not like them. Not one bit. He was very courageous though and wuffed at them at least three times before running away (innocent surprise of horses, who've meandered up in a friendly way to see us and couldn't understand why we were heading off so soon). I'm sure, given time, he would grow to love them. But I thought we might have given him horse nightmares, considering all the horsey items in the house (and now he can put a terrifying picture to the smell). What an exciting stay he's had!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

life drawing

life drawing sketch ophelia keys
life drawing sketch ophelia keys

life drawing sketch ophelia keys
We had a very ambitious model in life drawing. She had trouble holding some of her poses - but you had to admire her determination!