Wednesday, March 18, 2009

horsey memories

ophelia and tina at the Collingwood children's farm
Thanks to Grey Horse Matters for sharing these horse questions. Here are my answers where they should be (e.g. not clogging up her comments page! - Just a reflection of my enthusiasm). If you would like to answer the questions, visit Grey Horse Matters to copy them as she's kindly listed them without the answers. So here's a quick history of my horsey life ...

1. How old were you when you first started riding? A few times on my grandmother’s horses when I was 2 or 3(?), then a break until I was seven
2. First horse ridden: A quiet thoroughbred
3. First horse trotted on: a lovely, portly pony, Phantom
4. First horse cantered on: Phantom
5. First Horse fallen off of: Windsor, a feisty Standardbred. I was chatting to someone and he gave a big kick to a horse behind him. Found myself on the ground in front of him (he looked even more astonished than me).
6. Most recent horse fallen off of Windsor. I must have learnt my lesson …
7. Most terrifying fall: surprised and winded rather than terrified.
8. First horse jumped with: Star. Wicked black pony.
9. First horse who ran away with you: Clive. A trail horse. No brakes whatsoever.
10. First horse that scared the crap out of you: Clive. Thought all horses had some sort of brakes!
11. First horse shown :!) Never shown.
12. First horse to win a class with: Never competed. Won best presented pony at a rainy day pony club comp in the barn!
13. Do you/have you taken lessons: Yes, as often as I can afford.
14. First horse you ever rode bareback: Tina – lovely palomino pony with anxiety issues. Got so using a saddle seemed uncomfortable.
15. First horse trail ridden with: Lost in the mists of time …
16. Current Barn name: _
17. Do you ride English or western?: English
18. First Horse to place at a show with: Never shown
19. Ever been to horse camp?: Yes, lots of fun.
20. Ever been to a riding clinic? Only to watch – seen Nadine Capelman, Anky etc.
21. Ridden sidesaddle? Only jokingly.
22. First horse leased: Never leased
23. Last Horse Leased:
24. Highest ribbon in a show: Never shown
25. Ever been to an 'A' rated show?: no
26. Ever competed in pony games/relay races?: at horse camp
27. Ever fallen off at a show 28. Do you ride Hunter/Jumpers?: no
29. Have you ever barrel raced? At horse camp. Unsuccessful.
30. Ever done pole bending?: Yes, very successful due to the fact I was on a tiny pony and everyone else had horses.
31. Favorite gait: canter
32. Ever cantered bareback?: As much as possible, as my pony’s jolting trot was out of the question.
33. Have you ever done dressage?: Take lessons.
34. Have you ever evented?: No. Too scary.
35. Have you ever mucked a stall?: Yes!
36. Ever been bucked off?: No. Oh, but there was a donkey that gave me a good run for my money (much to the amusement of everyone watching – I think they started to lay bets). Luckily he was small enough that I was able to elegantly step off (from my position, half- wrapped around his neck). He was called Joker.
37. Ever been on a horse that reared? Yes, a few, but only with good reasons. (The sudden appearance of an emu, for example)
38. Horses or ponies. Horses are easier. But I think those cunning ponies are great fun.
39. Do you wear a helmet?: Always
40. What's the highest you've jumped: Don’t know. Had my eyes shut. Not really. My teacher kept putting the jump higher and higher, but I was focused well past the jump and tried to avoid looking at it as much as humanly possible.
41. Have you ever ridden at night?: Yes, it’s lovely (unless you’re on the road)
42. Do you watch horsey television shows?: Whenever they’re on
43. Have you ever been seriously hurt/injured from a fall?: No
44. Most falls in one lesson: Never fallen in a lesson. Though have ended up on the horse’s neck a few times with jumping refusals.
45. Do you ride in an arena/ring?: Yes, as well as road and trails
46. Have you ever been trampled by a horse?: No, thank goodness!
47. Have you ever been bitten?: Yes. By a wicked Shetland pony, among others.
48. Ever had your foot stepped on by a horse?: Yes. Ow!
49: Favorite riding moment: Riding in the manege in the light of a full moon – beautiful!
50. Most fun horse you've ridden: A riding school pony - Tina. I used to always ride her bareback. She had the silliest, fast trot and the smoothest canter of any pony or horse I’ve ever ridden. She was very nervous and I felt like I built a very close, trusting relationship with her. We had great fun!