Friday, June 8, 2012

back to (riding) school

Gorgeous horse, gorgeous tack. Don't you just want to leap up there and go for a spin? That mirror would be pretty handy too if, like me, you're working on getting the most effective riding position.
Yes, I finally took a riding lesson after what seems a lifetime away (on baby duty). Tystar is a lovely schoolmaster, so gentlemanly. My human teacher, Susie, is studying at the School of Lightness (doesn't that sound wonderful?). And, yes, the method is very light. I'm always surprised by how different my position is to what I would like it to be. My back is quite arched and my legs further forward than I realise. Having said that, my back is naturally arched so I do need to be realistic here. Having my legs a little more under me would be quite achievable though and I think it would improve my effectiveness. Comments are welcome. So looking forward to my next lesson. But with my constant nine-month-old companion I'm considering that watching a few might be a good option!

Do you believe in the concept of synchronicity? I'm never sure but it's really pretty remarkable that Susie is teaching so close to me, one of the few teachers available with a schoolmaster, as one of the first clips I ever saved from youtube was the one below. Just breathtaking. And guess who? I watched it often for inspiration and to remind myself of what can be achieved in the human / horse relationship. 

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