Tuesday, February 2, 2010

rollkur petition

the following is a message from Philippe Karl:

'On 9 February 2010, more than 20 experts will attend an FEI meeting in Switzerland to discuss once again whether the so-called hyperflexion (“Rollkur”) is an adequate method of training a horse. In order to support the opponents of this method and offer them further arguments, a petition has been initiated at www.no-rollkur.com. We’d like to invite you to support this action against hyperflexion – time is short!'


tini said...

GREAT :) I´m so happy that people all around the world stay together to stop this horrible idea of the FEI


I´m so shocked that they even think about legalizing it as an adequat training method... :(

best wishes from Germany!!

brett said...

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Anonymous said...

Dr. Gerd heuschmann is holding a symposium on this very subject in California may 7-9 check out the website www.tugofwarnomore.com

Ophelia Keys said...

thanks for the link